First Access 2 Cash ATM Supplier Canada
First Access 2 Cash ATM Supplier Canada
First Access 2 Cash ATM Supplier Canada
First Access 2 Cash ATM Supplier Canada


More Profitable

The look and feel of a bank machine in an economical Through-The-Wall solution. Higher transaction volumes through increased reliability and uptime from the use of proven, low maintenance components. Whether installed as a walk-up or drive-through, the Mini-Bank 2100T offers solid, weatherized construction while its compact architecture allows flexibility in mounting.



First Access 2 Cash ATM Supplier CanadaMore Secure

A UL 291 business hours vault with quality electronic lock is standard. Heavy duty metal fascia, pedestal and retaining brackets provide a stable, secure mounting.

Ease of Operation

The dispenser is contained separately from the other serviceable components, allowing access for technicians without having to open the vault. The printer slides out for easy paper loading and maintenance. Optional service panel allows configuration, diagnostics and maintenance from the rear of the machine. Sun viewable monochrome transreflective LCD panel, lighted / voice guidance and covered cash tray provide convenience for customers.



  • 5.7" Monochrome transreflective LCD (sun-viewable)
  • 8 menu keys
  • 6 screen advertising capability


  • VISA lab certified
  • 16-key alphanumeric keypad
  • Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
  • Triple DES compliant


  • 3 1/8" thermal printer
  • 100 mm/sec print speed
  • Automatic paper loading and cutting
  • Paper out sensor
  • Accommodates a 7" roll & slides out for easy service

Cash Dispenser

  • Friction feed cash dispensing unit (7 notes per second)
  • Reject bin with key lock
  • 2000 note cassette capacity
  • Cash tray sensors
  • Double detection / skewed note sensors
  • Slides out for easy service

Card Reader

  • Dip-type card reader


  • UL 291 Business hours vault
    • Weatherized
  • Isolated vault design allows servicing without opening vault
  • Electronic lock
  • Lock option:
    • Cencon lock


  • 56k modem for dial-up

Voice Guidance

  • Voice Guidance System


  • Utility software available for remote monitoring and file download
  • Utility for on-screen advertisement creation

Optional Accessories

  • Rear Service Panel (standard for Financial Institution)
  • Wireless Service


  • Height: 33"
  • Width: 23.75 "
  • Depth: 28.5"
  • Weight: 283 lbs

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